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Free Fall Lifeboat Familiarization (Crew) Course


The course syllabus covers the competencies that are considered necessary to safely assist in the launch, recovery and operation of a free fall lifeboat


Trainees who successfully complete this course shall be familiar and be able to effectively assist with launching, recovery and the operation of a free fall lifeboat.

Course Outline:

  • Free fall lifeboat crew responsibilities
  • Free fall lifeboat launch and recovery
  • Practical exercises
Entry Standards:

This course is open to those seafarers who are holders of a valid certificate of training in Basic Safety or Personal Survival Techniques.
Trainees shall be medically fit for physical training.
Minimum number of participants is six (6) and maximum is twenty four (24).


1 day (Number of hours depends on the number of participants).


A certificate of successful completion shall be issued to those participants who successfully complete the course and meet the assessment criteria.


Panama Maritime Authority

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